Episode 24

Showing up closely designs I've been working on in February and March, sharing plans for the upcoming months and footage of Easter eggs painting tradition with some beautiful folk music. Join me in my studio of a crafty break.

Episode 23

A year of war, the stress has finally caught up with me. Sharing my thoughts and feelings and how they affect my design work. Showing new design wips and exciting new embroidery projects. Featuring Purpurea sweater light.

Episode 22

My first attempt at embroidering and sawing together a traditional Ukrainian embroidered blouse. The sleeves were embroidered by my grandma in cross-stitch with a pattern from the mountain region in the west of Ukraine. It has a modern raglan sleeve.

Episode 21

Showing off the finished Vinber dress sample and introducing new design in Yarnadelic worsted weight yarn - Laneus pullover. The latter makes me very excited and I'm currently working on a second sample!

Episode 20

Talking about my newest design in Baby Yak Lace yarn from Myak called Voloshka pullover, its three previous versions and the creative process behind it. Also showing a sneak peek of a new sample that's on my needles.

Ukraine 2022 | cooking

In the second episode from my trip to Ukraine in September 2022 I'm sharing with you some of the culinary highlights of this trip. Delicious grandma's cooking with recipes!

Ukraine 2022 | village

In this first episode from my trip to Ukraine in September 2022 I'm taking you with me home, to my grandma's village and share a glimpse into our simple life there. There's a lot of gardening, cat cuddles, misty mornings and foraging.

Episode 19

Talking about the upcoming trip to Ukraine, my progress on the traditional Ukrainian embroidered blouse and showing a bunch of failed/paused cast-ons.

Episode 18

Talking about Ukraine, second hand shopping and two new designs, that are coming soon. Introducing Silín pullover and Javelin shawl.

Episode 17

I invite you on a walk through my roof-top garden, full of fruit and flowers, and share new design inspirations as well as updates on the upcoming new pattern releases.

Episode 16

In the first part of the episode I talk a bit more about the current situation in Ukraine, and then move on to my most recent designs: Ornata blouse, Root and Shoots sweater and freshly blocked summer blouse, which I called Volia.

Walking the Kerry Way

Sharing tips on how to plan and execute a walking/trekking trip to Kerry with a detailed map, explained stages and accommodation suggestions.

Episode 15

Using a quiet day after King's Day to show you the most exciting projects of the last month. Featuring three new designs and a sewing/embroidery project. If you wonder how to sew a vyshyvanka, I'm learning by doing in this episode.

Episode 14

Talking a little bit about the current situation in Ukraine, newly released collaborations and upcoming designs. A very slow and meditative conversation with myself and the universe. Sometimes showing your vulnerability is the biggest strength, don't you think.

Episode 13

Catching up with you on the most recent designs and sharing a few thought about colourwork, publications and upcoming interview for the magazine.

Episode 12

It's been a while since the last episode, so I have plenty of new exciting things to show you. A new cabled turtleneck pullover and an exciting new colourwork design inspired by snowdrops called Nivalis.

Christmas traditions

Join me on a short intro to my favourite Christmas traditions. I'm making a straw spider and cooking a traditional Christmas dish - kutia. All while listening to Christmas carols.

Episode 11

For a few days around my birthday I escaped to the forest with a bag full of knits and a small project on my needles. The autumn this year is warm and beautiful, so brace yourself for the golden magic of woods and knitting outside.

Episode 10

In this episode I talk about destashing and the two new designs on my needles. Both in shades of brown — Mama bear pullover and Omela sweater dress.

Episode 9

A very personal and emotional episode, in which I am talking about my trip back to Ukraine and a new yarn collaboration on my needles. Includes unique footage of a natural stream washing machine called "Valylo".

Episode 8

Talking about my new designs Cinnamomum pullover and Glenview sweater, discussing tech editing and test knits, announcing Dark moss pullover pattern update.

Episode 7

Talking about Forest keys vest, Mimungo pullover and a new half-done project. Showing off a new cup and a necklace.

Episode 6

In this episode I'm sharing some new notions I've got for the studio and showing a couple of new wips. As always, we are sitting with Katzie in my little studio and chatting about this and that.

Episode 5

Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down for a nice long break. In this episode I talk about most recent designs, upcoming test knit calls, playing yarn chicken and a recent acquisition of the book by Laine Publishing "52 weeks of shawls".

Forest getaway

After the most exciting and stressful month of March I took a little break to recover in April. There is footage from 5 days spent camping in the forest and bits of me rambling about life.

Episode 4

In this episode I talk about two most recent designs of mine: Orchard tales in collaboration with Kokon yarn, which will be released by the end of April, and Irish rover, which we are currently testing. I also show a very exciting sneak peek of the new design, that I'm working on.

Painting Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner and for me it comes with my favourite family tradition of painting eggs. I am originally from Ukraine and this is my heritage, something I treasure and would love to keep no matter where life takes me.

Episode 3

In this episode I am talking about my PhD studies and how I came to knitting. I also show you my new floral yoke design - Between petals pullover and talk about inspirations and my design process.

Episode 2

I am talking about my new design - Spicy Stem pullover and unusually snowy weekend in Haarlem. Coming to you from my living room with little sneak peak of a new design collaboration. All spiced up with footage of Haarlem covered with snow.

Snow in Haarlem

It's so rare these days to have snow here in Haarlem. Last time it snowed 3 years ago, in march 2018, when Katzie was 1 year old. She remembered it and we could not keep her inside for more than 5 minutes. Snow filled our day with joy!

Episode 1

In this episode I'm coming to you from the floor in my office and show you the details of my new design - Sediment sweater with all the tricks as to how to adjust the pattern and make it your own.


Hi! My name is Teti and I'm a knitwear designer. Let me introduce you to my world of botanical knits.